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There are many ways to connect to the life of the body at Renewal Church. Here are a few opportunities to join the fellowship and grow in Christlikeness together!


Corporate Worship

The church gathers together for worship on Sundays at 4:00pm at 3000 Midway Road (The Exchanged Life Center). Join us as we worship our Savior together!


Wednesdays Together

Twice a month Renewal Church hosts opportunities for fellowship and growth. From equipping classes, to potluck dinners, we encourage our members to make these opportunities a priority as we seek to grow in Christ together.


Life Groups

Life Groups are a time of small group, sermon based discussion. These groups are also great opportunities to deepen relationships within the church body.


Covenant Membership

The Renewal Church membership process is simple yet thorough. We seek to assess whether you are a Christian and whether you understand what it means to be committed to and function as a healthy member of this particular local church. After attending a Foundations Class where you learn more about Renewal’s doctrine and mission, you will have the opportunity to meet with an Elder to affirm your testimony and commitment. Because Renewal Church is a congregational-ruled church, upon affirmation of the elders you will be voted into membership by the current covenant members. Covenant Membership at Renewal includes a responsibility to serve the body and contribute to the ministries of the church. For more information about our covenant and constitution and bylaws, follow the link below.



We encourage members of Renewal Church to use their gifts to serve the body and contribute to the mission of the church. There are many ways you could serve with Renewal!



We believe that the ministries of the church should be owned by its members, and encourage members to give cheerfully as the Lord has called them. We are also blessed by the support of other churches and organizations in our area. If you would like to financially contribute to the ministries of Renewal Church, you can give online here.