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Students on Mission: Summer LINK Prague reflections

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Summer LINK Prague Reflections

By: Laura Payne

For the last six weeks, our team of 11 college students have served in Prague through Summer LINK in an effort to share the gospel to a city that lacks knowledge of the Truth. As we entered the second most atheistic nation in the world, our goal was for each member of the team to proclaim the gospel everyday. Each morning, we went to the college campus to distribute free juice, eat with strangers in the cafeteria, and meet other Czechs throughout various parts of campus. We also sent smaller groups into a local public high school each day to help with a conversational English classes. In the afternoons, we invited our new Czech friends to cookouts at our hostel, to hangout at the park, and to an event called journey (where people from all belief backgrounds came to discuss worldview topics and hear the gospel spoken). 

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When we had free time, we would meet up with some of our contacts from campus to go deeper into the gospel, answer some of their hard questions, and read scripture together.  

The Lord worked in awesome ways and we are thankful that He let us be a part of His work. Our team learned a lot about the Lord’s sovereignty. We clearly saw His hand at work through various interactions while sharing the Gospel. This was specifically true as we studied Hebrews and saw how much this time correlated with our talks with our Czech friends.

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The Lord’s work did not end when our team left Prague. We are convinced that the Lord is calling Czechs to Himself. By His grace, God allowed us to witness two friends call upon His Name for the first time! Please pray for each person that heard the gospel while we were there.  Pray that the Lord will give them faith to believe and that the Lord will send more laborers to Prague to proclaim ultimate truth to these Czechs and to the other 1.2 million in this city that have no understanding of the Gospel.

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