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Letter to Church Family


Good Morning Church Family!

It is the mission of Renewal Church to “make disciples of all people for God’s glory.” Over the last two years, we have dedicated ourselves to this mission. As a result, God has blessed Renewal Church. We are a people transformed by the gospel, living daily on mission, and sending laborers to the nations.

Throughout Anderson on a daily basis we face lostness and brokenness. While we rejoice in how God has blessed our church family, there is still many in your life and mine who need to hear of the grace and love of God found in the saving work of Jesus for us.

For three Sundays, beginning July 17th we will worship at Salem Baptist Church on Sunday evenings at 6:00pm. This will be our main worship gathering for our church family. The opportunity to worship at Salem Baptist provides more space to accommodate our growing church family. Also, we have a unique opportunity to expand our ministry in Anderson and explore gospel partnership with another local church body.

While space is a large concern, it is not the only concern. Along with the Elders, it is my hope that Salem Baptist becomes a strategic gospel partner and location for ministry in Anderson. We have not committed to worshiping at Salem Baptist for a longer period of time, nor have we committed to merging with this church family. As I mentioned previously, we are simply taking steps and allowing the Lord to lead us as we explore ways to meet our need for more space and look for ways to advance the gospel in Anderson.

I am excited to have Dr. Charles Holland, pastor, and the church family at Salem Baptist join us for our worship services during these three weeks. A large part of your ministry during these weeks will be hospitality and engaging with this church family to build relationships and encourage them as fellow saints and partners in the spread of the gospel.

Pray for wisdom and discernment for the Elders. Pray for one another and for Salem Baptist Church that this would be a sweet season of growth and maturity for all of us. As we take these steps of faith, I encourage you to be flexible and patient. With transitions of this nature there are often many unknowns. As we see and hear of these unknowns, we will address them prayerfully and carefully.

Please pay careful attention to all of the emails and communication concerning our transition to Salem Baptist over the next few weeks. If you need to update your email address or contact information please email those updates to info@renewalanderson.org. Also, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me or any of our Elders.

All for Him,
Stephen Watson
Lead Pastor / Church Planter