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Church-wide Reading: Week 1

Everyday Conversations

Thank you so much for joining in on our church-wide reading of "Turning Everyday Conversations Into Gospel Conversations."  I pray that this book is both an encouragement and a tool to aid you in your future gospel conversations!

We will look at a portion of this book each week through the month of July.  It is a short book, so please don't stress if you miss a week and need to catch up.  

Week 1 - Introduction and Chapter 1
Week 2 - Chapters 2 & 3
Week 3 - Chapters 4 & 5
Week 4 - Chapters 6 & 7 
*Sunday, August 5th - Equipping Seminar before service to recap and practice how to have gospel conversations. 

Chapter 1: Our Mission Fields

God has given the gift of the gospel to reconcile a broken world and broken people back to Himself.  It is by this work of Jesus Christ that we are called Christians, repenting of sin and turning in faith to Jesus.  And Jesus has also commanded ALL Christians to go and tell others this good news.  However, when we look at the world, especially our own country, we see a growing percentage of "religious nones - people unaffiliated with any type of faith at all" (p.4). 

Jimmy Scoggins and Steve Wright did not want their churches to sit idly surrounded by brokenness in Southern Florida.  Instead they identified 10 characteristic for a strategy that pursues the mulitplication of disciples. 

  • Expanded vision - "Urge believers to pursue the lost and relentlessly train believers to share the gospe.l" (p.15)

  • Focused prayer - "challenge people to make a personal list of people they know who are far from God..., intentionally and frequently pray for these individuals both corporately and privately." (p.17)

  • Simple, reproducible gospeling tools - "A reproducible gospeling tool is one that a new believer can easily grasp and share with others."  The Three Circles Conversation will be discussed in chapter 5. (p.18)

  • Abundant seed sowing - "We have to see everyday people scattering seed every day of the week...Then and only then will a multiplying movement break out!" (p.20)

  • Frequent, intentional training - "We help them practice transitions, the 3 Circiles, invitations, and responses.  Our disciples are much better equipped the more reps they get, and once they're equipped, they can become trainers themselves." (p.22)

  • Rapid obedience - "immediately training and releasing new believers" to engage the lost around them with the gospel. (p.22)

  • Generational discipleship - "Multiplying movements equip people to be disciple makers by giving them the tools they need to share the gospel, baptize, and teach others to obey [Jesus' commands]." (p.24)

  • Loving accountability - "If we're going to reenergize our efforts to make disciples, then we must hold each other accountable to live as everyday missionaries." (p.26)

  • Celebrating stories - "Celebrating these stories [of gospel conversations and fruitfulness] fuels our sense that God is up to something big." (p.28)

  • Multiplying churches - "When disciples multiply, new churches spring up." (p.28)

These churches have contextualized the ten markers of multiplication for the goal of every resident in South Florida would be reached with the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Discussion Questions

  • What do you think would happen if everyone in your neighborhood or place of work repented and believed in Jesus Christ?
  • Who has God placed in your life that you are or could be praying for daily?
  • What gospel tools or tracts have you seen or used in the past?  What did you like about them?
  • Which characteristic(s) of mulitplication encourages or challenges you to be a missionary to the "places you live, work, and play"? 

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