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Renewal Blog

5 Ways to Use Sunday Morning


Renewal will begin to worship on Sunday evenings for the next three weeks at 6:00PM on July 17th.  With the change of our worship time and location, here are five ways in which you could use your Sunday mornings prior to worship.


Worship with a Partnering Church

One of the great advantages that comes from an off worship time is the opportunity to worship with a partnering church.  Renewal is blessed to be a part of the Pillar Network which has many partnering churches in our area including Crosspoint Church, The Church at Cherrydale, and The Church at Greer-Station

Identify and Engage with Non-Church Goers

Identifying and meeting non-church goers can be challenging during the week, but being out and about on Sunday mornings can make this much easier.  Be intentional with your time on Sunday mornings to meet and invite new people to join you at worship.  This is also a great time to be intentional and invite neighbors to lunch and build relationships.

Have Family Worship

Mornings are a great time to gather your family for a time of worship.  This can simply be reading the Sunday worship passage and praying together.  You can also listen to the songs that will be sung during worship using our Worship Preparation Blog.  With worship in the evening, this is especially helpful in preparing our hearts for the preaching of God's Word.

Have Intentional Family Time

Along the same lines of family worship, you can use these mornings for intentional family time.  Gather around the table for a family meal, ask intentional questions, go on a morning outing, or play a family game.  The options are limitless!

Prepare for Sunday Evening Worship

Reading the Word and praying before worship is a great way to get our hearts and minds centered on God before worship, but there are also other ways in which we can prepare ourselves to worship.  Go ahead and select the clothes you will wear, eat dinner early or prepare dinner before hand, so that you are not rushing out the door.  Arrive early to help serve and engage with other church members and visitors.

There are many other ways you can use your Sunday mornings, but I do pray that these five will help give you ideas.  Please be prayer for our church's transition, and that the Lord would continue to use us in a mighty way for His Kingdom!