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Becoming a Member


The Renewal Church membership process is simple yet thorough. We seek to assess whether you are a Christian and whether you understand what it means to be committed to and function as a healthy member of this particular local church. To help you and to help us along this path, our membership process involves the following steps:

Step 1: Explore gospel fellowship at Renewal.

We invite you to continue to explore the gospel fellowship at Renewal by joining a Life Group.  This is a great way to build relationships within the church.  We also invite you to seek out our Elders to ask questions about the mission of the church and our doctrinal beliefs.

Step 2: Sign up for a Foundations Class and read the Membership Handbook prior to class.

After prayerfully discerning God’s direction, exploring gospel fellowship, and asking questions about Renewal Church’s doctrine and mission, we encourage those desiring covenant membership to sign up for a Foundations Class. When you sign up for a Foundations Class, you will receive a Membership Handbook to read in preparation for the class.

Step 3: Attend a Foundations Class and sign the Church Covenant.

To ensure all those desiring covenant membership have a firm understanding of Renewal Church’s doctrine and mission, a required Foundations Class is held on a regular basis. Once the class is completed, those desiring covenant membership are to read carefully the church covenant and sign it, indicating a desire to covenant with Renewal Church in membership.

Step 4: Interview and affirmation by Elders.

Once you have signed the membership covenant, an Elder will schedule your membership interview. The interview is to assess whether you clearly understand membership expectations and if you are ready to make this commitment. Following your interview, the Elders will make a recommendation on your membership to the church body.

Step 5: Congregational affirmation.

Renewal is a congregational-ruled church, which means the church will vote to affirm your membership at one of our members meetings. A vote to affirm your membership means that our church family accepts responsibility for you as a Christ follower and will hold you accountable to the expectations of healthy church membership found in our church covenant.

To sign up for our next Foundations Class or to learn more about membership at Renewal Church please contact info@renewalanderson.org.